Anna was introduced to dove hunting when she was a teenager. She never forgot the rush as she watched birds taking flight for the first time. There was something super special about the atmosphere of hunting birds that stuck with her. Years later, the same guys that took Anna dove hunting introduced her to the German Shorthaired Pointer. After a few years of excuses, she finally gave in and weeks later Anna picked up Merci, her very own gun dog. The love she has for her dog sparked her passion for upland hunting. Years have passed and she and Merci now compete in dog trials, hunt wild birds and enjoy hunting preserves. The camaraderie with other hunters and watching the devotion of their dogs makes every day in the field an adventure. She travels all throughout hunting season with her dogs to experience new hunting ground across the country.

When Anna sold out to the shotgun life, she teamed up with Ducks Unlimited, Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever to spread the importance of conservation and the devotion these organizations have for the outdoors. She constantly attends banquets and hosts events to continue education and promote the efforts of these great causes.

Anna is a certified Pistol instructor with the NRA and sporting clay instructor with NSCA. She has spent endless hours helping men and women become more efficient with their shooting. Along with being an instructor, she is a sporting clay competitor herself. She claimed a Georgia State Title in Super Sporting during the 2017 season.

Anna is currently is an Ambassador for CZ USA. She knew the first time that she picked up a CZ shotgun, they were made for her. Every tournament she has won, she was proudly shooting a CZ. Sharing the excitement of shotgun sports, whether on the clays course or in the field, is her true passion. She is dedicated to sharing her passion for conservation, love for bird hunting and shotgun sports.


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